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Pine Toy Chest
Pine Cedar Chest
Oak Toy Chest
Oak Cedar Chest
Oak Cedar Chest w/Walnut Accents
Walnut Blanket Chest
All prices do not include shipping and are based on a standard 4 ft long 18 inch wide 20- 24 inch tall chest.

½ up front on all Internet orders we happily take PayPal, all major credit cards.

We will happily custom make a chest to your specifications at a different price.

We make one of a kind pieces.  This is not an assembly line, this is an item crafted for you and just for you.

The price of the materials affects the price of the product

We don’t up-sell, quoting is a price for ¾ inch thick pieces of solid wood.  It is not fair to tease you with
           a cheaper price and then have you disappointed in the results.  We could use maple or another wood for
           the backs of my pieces or the bottoms, but if we sell you a 100% walnut piece it is 100% walnut.

Each piece is made start to finish by one person.  The quality and dedication to turning out a
           quality heirloom product is what this is about.

There are cheaper products on the market and they may fill your price point. We realize not everyone
           wants or needs a hand crafted piece of custom furniture, we are available for those who do.

We have grown steadily with word of mouth or grass roots marketing; when you are ready we will
           happily build you a custom work of art.
Custom Mini Hope Chest
Custom Mini Walnut Box
*Above Desktop / Dresser pieces are made to order:
Pricing reflects average per-piece
We donate fully crafted pieces to charities throughout the year includes Personalized full and mini chests

Charities supported to date:

Childhood cancer

Disabled Veterans

Ovarian cancer

Breast Cancer survivors

Good causes as they come in not everything qualifies as a tax break (smile)

We at Bubba furniture feel that everyone needs a little hope and life is not just about us.
Giving Back
About Our Pricing
Yes we like to use reclaim wood and are trying in increase our green foot print. The beauty of reclaimed
wood is unparalleled for certain pieces.  The rustic charm adds warmth to almost every décor.

We continually buy our wood from green supplies and do the best we can to be good stewards of the planet.
Reclaimed Wood and a Green Footprint