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OUR STORY:  No my name is not “Bubba”… but friends have referred to my furniture as "Bubba Furniture" for years. Many years ago when I started making furniture I would tend to over engineer the piece. I wanted to make sure that it was sturdy, and that it would last. I admit my first pieces where functional and sturdy, but lacking a certain charm. As I became more skilled my pieces started taking shape I started using more traditional joints, such as Mortis and Tenon, Lap Joints and other old-world methods of making furniture.

The last Hope chest I made was 165 pound of solid ¾ inch oak. It was a big piece, as my brother helped me load it into the truck he turned to me and said, "Looks like you bubbized this piece also, but it sure is pretty."

I stick to clean lines a mix of 1700 shaker and modern construction. I build my furniture to last a lifetime with minimal care. I work with Oak, Cherry, and Walnut. I basically build custom pieces. So no there is no show room. I am only on the web because my son who is starting to lend a hand in the shop thinks it would be beneficial. Over the last few years I have only sold pieces by word of mouth and I have had no complaints and have been busy and happy. My son is learning the craft and is looking forward to taking this to the next level with me as we slowly become Bubba and son handcrafted custom furniture.

So that is the story of where we came from, and perhaps a glimpse into where it is we are heading.       - Joe